Helpful Holtek Links (for 32-bit Cortex MCUs)
Helpful Holtek Links (for 32-bit Cortex MCUs)

In this article you’ll find a list of helpful links to easier search for relevant 32-bit Cortex MCU content on Holtek’s Website.

Under the Products tab on you’ll find an overview of all Holtek devices. This page will show you all 32-bit Cortex based Holtek MCUs (even for specific applications). By clicking on a certain part number (e.g. HT32F52230) in the overview you’ll be directed to the dedicated product page where you get further information and links to documents, software and tools. Note that the software library is found under the tab Documents and not under Software Library. The Software Library contains a whole Board Support Package based on CMSIS including drivers, examples, libraries and so on.

The main IDEs supported are Keil µVision, IAR EWARM and SEGGER Embedded Studio. There is a free Keil MDK Version available for Holtek’s Cortex-M0+ MCUs and a dedicated User Guide which includes a link to that version can be found under Documents at (some of) the product pages. See the direct link to this free version here. A price reduced Keil Essential MDK Holtek Version is also available which includes support for Cortex-M3/M4 is also available. Find the direct link here.

You’ll also find a dedicated MCU Tools page on Holtek’s Website – here you find all relevant information regarding software and hardware MCU tools.

Hardware tools include:

  • In-Circuit-Emulators (ICE)
    • e-Link32 Pro is the standard ICE for Holtek’s 32-bit MCUs. There are different software tools available to work with it (see list under ICE tab). The e-Link32 Pro is supported by Keil MDK, IAR EWARM and SEGGER Embedded Studio.
    • There is also a J-Link Plugin available to enable programming with J-Link and J-Link related software like SEGGER Embedded Studio.
  • Programmers
    • e-Writer32 is Holtek’s standard programmer for 32-bit MCUs. There are also e-Socket32 adapter boards available for different packages, which work together with the e-Writer32. An adapter board for In-Circuit Programming is also available – also part of the e-Socket32 Adaptors (ESKT32ICPB).
    • Gang-Writer32-8 is Holtek’s gang programmer for volume production programming and can program 8 MCUs in parallel.
  • Development Kits
    • Most development kits have a built-in e-Link32 USB debug adapter.
    • See further information on the overview and the dedicated pages for each board.
  • Application Specific MCU Workshop Boards you find under Development Platform
    • Workshops include hardware and software development tools for specific applications like MIDI/sound-related products or BLDC Motor products.
    • Note that Audio and BLDC Workshops are the only workshops for 32-bit MCUs currently.

Note that at every dedicated Tool page you’ll find documentation like User Guides and so on and also related software

Note that configuration wizards are only available for 8-bit MCUs at the moment